GRAPH Visual Communications

Infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easy to understand at a glance.

It is used when presenting complex information in a simple manner is needed.

более 70% информациичеловек получаетс помощью зрения

>70% of information

that comes to the

brain is visual


Almost 50%

of brain activity

is involved in visual processing

Infographics are used to explane complex story or process, to simplify complicated concepts, to present an information that educates, entertaines and goes viral

Any combination of text and graphics designed to expound complex story or convey facts can be called "infographics"


0:01 second

is needed for an eye to recognise visual image


engagement with information

increases by 80%

if it contains graphics in addition to plain text


people understand instructions
providing images or pictures

3 times better


7 in 10 people

share entertaining infographics with friends